SAFEDATA Group was created on the base of SAFEDATA LLC, organized in 2006. SAFEDATA operates own distributed data center network and offers colocation and maintenance services, IT resources leasing (dedicated servers leasing, virtual data centers and desktop infrastructure leasing), data storage and cloud services as well as communication channel services, Internet access, CDN (NGENIX content delivery network), and resource protection against DDoS attacks.

SAFEDATA Group includes:

Starting in 2007 up to 2010 SAFEDATA Group built up by stages and set in operation MSK-I Data Center (Ostapovsky proezd 22, Moscow). DC complies to TIA-942 Standard TIER 3 requirements and has secure network infrastructure and storage systems. DC offers services to clients who have high requirements to reliability, throughput, communication channel bandwidth, and data protection.

Second SAFEDATA Data Center Moscow-II (Akademika Kurchatova pl. 1, bldg. 119, Moscow) was built in January 2014 as a result of cooperation with National Research Centre (NRC) “Kurchatov Institute”. It also complies with TIA-942 TIER 3 requirements.

SAFEDATA data centers total
area is
more than
5500 sq. m
Computer Rooms total area
3000 sq. m
SAFEDATA Data Centers total capacity
is up to 1400
equipment cabinets

Our customers are large Russian and foreign corporations, banks, IT integrators and other companies of different activity types, who widely use information technologies for business.

During years of operation SAFEDATA managed to create unique specialists team, which provide continuous data center operation, maintain engineering systems and clients’ equipment to satisfy all the requirements of our customers.