Moscow-II Data Center is situated in Academician Kurchatov square (Akademika Kurchatova pl. 1, bldg. 119, Moscow). It was built as a result of cooperation with National Research Centre “Kurchatov Institute”.

Moscow-II Data Center started its operation in 2014.
Data center infrastructure meets requirements of world standards in the field of data center creation.

  • Data Center total area: 3,500 sq. m;
  • Computer Room area to place the equipment: 1,800 sq. m;
  • Up to 900 equipment cabinets can be placed on site;
  • Dedicated power supply: 10 MW;
  • Category 1 no-break power supply, independent feeders plus redundant Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply devices (DRUPS);
  • Own fiber optic links to Moscow communication sites MMTS-9 and MMTS-10;
  • Large customers are allowed to install their own FO links;
  • Office spaces available for backup office activities to ensure customer’s continuous business operations;
  • 24x7 customer’s access to the equipment, managed site entrance, secure parking area.
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Power Supply

DRIPData Center engineering area provides dedicated power for 10 MW load with 2 independent feeders corresponding to Category 1 power supply reliability. All the electrical equipment that forms main switchboard, distributing frames, and reserve switching devices uses products and components from world leading manufacturers:

  • 8 Hitec Power Protection Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply devices (DRUPS), 1,680 kW each;
  • Power distribution systems are equipped with Schneider Electric components.

Backup Power Supply

Electricity from city substations is delivered to Moscow-II DC through two independent feeders. In case of failure Data Center automatically switches to uninterruptible power supply from 8 Hitec Power Protection Diesel Rotary Devices (DRUPS), output power 1,680 kVA each, with N+1 redundancy scheme.

Reserve tanks ensure DRUPS can work off-line for at least 20 hours. On-time diesel fuel delivery ensures continuous Data Center functioning even in case of long-term power absence from city substations.

Climate Control

HiRef precision Air Conditioning Units sustain required climate parameters.

Moscow-II DC is equipped with dozens of precision Cabinet Air Conditioning Units (cooling capacity 100 kW each) according to N+1 redundancy scheme.

Climatic parameters in site are under strict control and correspond to telecommunication rooms and spaces climate regulations and requirements.

Внешние конденсаторные блоки GuntnerMoscow-II DC sustains steady microclimate: temperature 22ºС ± 2ºС, relative humidity 30-70%. Cold air from Air Conditioning Units enters the raised floor plenum and comes out to cold aisles trough raised floor vented tiles. Cold airstream comes into equipment cabinets from the front; heated air blows out of cabinets’ backside thus providing traditional hot/cold aisle layout.

External Güntner condensing units are placed on the roof. Two independent pipeline routes connect it to Air Conditioning Units inside the DC. Cooling system is designed according to N+1 redundancy scheme for each Computer Room.

Fire Extinguishing Systems

Data Center modules are equipped with Automatic Gaseous Fire Suppression System that uses HFC-125 agent. The System uses light and audible alarms; warning alarm precedes the agent release. Alarm system is integrated with cooling system (to stop all the conditioning units in case of alarm) and access control system.

Access Control and Security System

Moscow-II DC Access Control and Security System has multiple organizational levels and includes:

  • Guarded territory;
  • Administrative procedures for Data Center areas access;
  • Access Control System with proximity cards;
  • CCTV system that covers areas inside and outside the Data Center plus areas within each module; video is archived for 30-days;
  • Additional security systems can be installed upon customer request.