New Data Processing Centre “Moscow III”

Published: 21.11.2017
Rostelecom, Russia’s national telecommunications operator, announces that it has commissioned the new Data Processing Centre “Moscow III” with an overall capacity of 900 telco racks.

The Centre’s space covers 3,500 square kilometres, with a rated energy input of 10 megawatts. Its engineering infrastructure corresponds to the Tier III standard which means that Rostelecom’s centres ensure a high level of availability or uptime and satisfy two key requirements: redundancy and concurrent maintainability. Currently, preparation works are underway in order to install the clients’ equipment.

With the new Centre, the aggregate capacity of Rostelecom’s network has reached 5,268 racks.

“Rostelecom – Data Processing Centres” company is in charge of deployment and maintenance of Rostelecom’s data centre network. The entity serves as a competence hub in the space of data processing and could services.