IBMM Conference: picture story

Published: 10-06-2016

SAFEDATA blog on choosing Service Provider

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Published: 26-05-2016

SAFEDATA sponsors IBMM conference

Published: 20-04-2016

New colocation site for SAFEDATA clients

Published: 06-04-2016

Rostelecom creates Integrated Data Center Competence Centre

Published: 24-02-2016

SAFEDATA sponsors IT Insurance Conference

Published: 17-02-2016

SAFEDATA blog about VDI and DaaS technologies

Published: 16-02-2016

SAFEDATA applies Customer Personal Data Information Protection System

Published: 12-02-2016

SAFEDATA LLC has confirmed its compliance with PCI DSS 3.1 standard

Published: 09-02-2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our clients and customers!

Published: 28-12-2015

SAFEDATA Blog about Data Center Resiliency

Published: 25-12-2015

SAFEDATA sponsors IT in Finance Forum

Published: 19-11-2015

SAFEDATA Blog about IaaS model transition

Published: 05-10-2015

SAFEDATA wins Russian Data Center Awards 2015 Prize

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Published: 17-09-2015

SAFEDATA blog on Data Centers structure and classification

Published: 28-08-2015

SAFEDATA and HP will be silver sponsors for 10th Data Center Forum 2015

Published: 10-08-2015

June issue of popular RBC Business Magazine publishes material on Russian data centers prepared with aid of SAFEDATA Company.

Published: 08-07-2015

SAFEDATA blog discusses DDoS prevention

Published: 09-06-2015

IT-periodical Network Solutions Magazine/LAN publishes inquiry results

Published: 27-04-2015

SAFEDATA Company sponsors international DC World Forum 2015.

Published: 23-04-2015

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