In the corporate blog SAFEDATA published a new material about the history of processing and storage of data

Published: 14-12-2016

SAFEDATA Corporate Blog at has published new article about SDN technology

Published: 24-10-2016

SAFEDATA blog on choosing Service Provider

Published: 26-05-2016

SAFEDATA blog about VDI and DaaS technologies

Published: 16-02-2016

SAFEDATA Blog about Data Center Resiliency

Published: 25-12-2015

June issue of popular RBC Business Magazine publishes material on Russian data centers prepared with aid of SAFEDATA Company.

Published: 08-07-2015

IT-periodical Network Solutions Magazine/LAN publishes inquiry results

Published: 27-04-2015

RBC about SAFEDATA and Rostelecom

Published: 17-02-2015

CNEWS about SAFEDATA and Rostelecom companies.

Published: 19-01-2015

IT periodical ComNews about SAFEDATA company.

Published: 19-01-2015

September issue of Analytic bank magazine published expert comment from Michael Margolin, SAFEDATA Commercial Manager.

Published: 06-11-2014

Popular blogger, photographer, Tom's Hardware Guide editor Stanislav Vasiliev has published in his blog detailed photo report to illustrate his visit to SAFEDATA Moscow-II Data Center

Published: 21-08-2014

Read an article with expert comment from Dmitry Kalganov, SAFEDATA General Manager, at

Published: 30-05-2014

Data centers like App Store: why customers want to buy data center by parts?

Published: 26-05-2014

Read an article written by Dmitry Kalganov, SAFEDATA General Manager: DDoS attacks and ways to resist it for data center operator.

Published: 19-05-2014