Telecommunication Cabinets Leasing

Telecommunication Cabinets Leasing

You can lease standalone telecommunication cabinets (600 x 1000 mm, 42 U, perforated doors); cabling and automation systems connected.

Each cabinet is equipped with power consumption measurement tools and protection against unauthorized opening. Equipment maintenance and climate parameters control 24x7 to ensure servers operability.

Monthly payment covers 5 kW power supply per cabinet. Overconsumption can be agreed separately.

Space Leasing for Equipment Colocation

SAFEDATA offers to lease data center site space to place critical customers equipment with non-typical size and power consumption, and ensures necessary protection and redundancy.

Bulk discounts in case of large amount of telecommunication cabinets leasing.

Monthly payment covers 5 kW power supply per cabinet. High load cabinets can also be installed. Dedicated zones can be provided with own access control and CCTV systems.

SAFEDATA offers free 1 Gbps channel between Moscow-I and Moscow-II data centers to customers who place the equipment in both sites.

Telecommunication Cabinets Space Leasing

SAFEDATA clients can lease 19” cabinet units according to fixed tariffs to place pieces of equipment in data center environment.

Monthly rent for non-standard servers colocation with high power consumption to be calculated separately.

Colocation in Foreign Data Centers

SAFEDATA customers can place the equipment in partner data centers in Europe according to special offer.

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