Internet Exchange

SAFEDATA can offer customers internet traffic exchange based on MSK-IX subsidiary company solutions.

Internet Exchange

Connection to MSK-IX network is made as a part of Internet Exchange service package, addressed to Internet Network Providers to solve wide range of providers’ tasks:

  • Public peering to enhance information resources accessibility, to minimize costs of traffic hops, and to provide network routes redundancy.
  • Virtual channels and VPN (802.1 VLAN) support between technical sites MSK-IX to be used by one or several members.
  • Last mile support for fast client connection or access to service providers.
  • Content distribution according open and closed model, including multicast technology.
  • New technologies, standards and services elaboration participation (IPv6, RIPE NCC RIS, ENUM).

Internetworking (peering) between MSK-IX members is organized according direct two-side agreements. When a contract is set up, networks can interact on BGP protocol. Computer network interaction center JSC MSK-IX has no influence on members peering policies.

Moscow Internet Exchange service includes:

  • Data transfer communication service according to Computer network interaction center JSC MSK-IX license;
  • Hookup and traffic forward service (according to provider request);
  • Route Server service access (according to provider request);
  • DNS Server service access;
  • Caching DNS Server service access;
  • NTP Server service access;
  • Technical support and consulting.

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