Cloud solutions

Cloud computing and SaaS are the up-to-date trends of IT infrastructure construction and corporate software use that allows business to get the IT resources "on-demand",  in time and in the desired amount. Despite the raging debates regarding the definitions, we feel the need to clarify our idea of Cloud computing idea and the software leasing model based on it (SaaS).

SaaS background

With a considerable degree of certainty we may claim that the very idea of computing facilities "leasing" was the source and initial point of IT development. It is exactly the concept IBM used in the 50s to take away over the market.

In due time, PCs and servers using the х86 architecture allowed businesses to deploy the IT infrastructures of their own. In the similar way, development of the Internet (data exchange networks) and virtualization technologies predefine the drift of IT businesses towards the collectively used models of professionally maintained server resources foundation.

Data processing centers are the foundation of the new "cloud" ecosystem, which allows to make good use of the built-in efficient capacity: 
•    Scale-based economy – usage of the maximum computing power of the virtualized servers by the commercial community
•    Economy through outsourcing the routine IT management operations
•    Risk protection – guarantees of Tier III-level DPCs, grounded by state-of-the-art data saving technologies, will provide the business integrity and peace of mind for the privacy of your confidential information.

Difference between an IT-service provider and a hosting provider is that the first one focuses its efforts on developing services for business and takes care of the platform or business application integration (hardware + special software) into the IT system of its customers. SAFEDATA is an IT-service provider. Our business strategy, development of market applications and design of in-house business processes are based upon this principle.

SaaS advantages for business

•    Unlike the preceding ASP model (Application Service Provider), SaaS is, first and foremost, aimed at SMB sector.  Product configuration is defined by the "business objectives come first, means of their realization come second" principle
•    Saving money on infrastructure investments – You won't need to purchase server equipment anymore, suspending the funds, which you might have, otherwise, invested into customer attraction.  IT infrastructure cost is included into the service price
•    Scaling freedom - reduce or increase the number of service users with a few clicks.  
•    Service usage is not term-limited – rent the applications for any term, starting from as little as a month.  Total freedom, when it comes to testing services and providers or completing the time-limited projects.

Advantages of having business with SAFEDATA

•    Guarantee of an uninterrupted service - corroborated by a service level agreement and secured by cutting-edge engineering decisions for DPC architecture.
•    Independence from the specific site and the used software shell - You may access the service from any device.
•    24/7 Technical support will provide comfortable working environment for your staff and will guarantee your end customer an uninterrupted access to the services
•    Save money on costly hardware and proprietary software – requirements for the PCs of your employees are reduced through redirecting the service workload to SAFEDATA equipment.
•    Choosing SAFEDATA, You entrust your task to one of the most mature and respectable players on the market. Our understanding of customers' demands is reflected in the business processes of our company. You request will never be missed, and the demands will be satisfied by the teams of technical and maintenance specialists. 

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