Data Storage

SAFEDATA Data Storage System is a disk storage, designed for storage and quick use of large volumes of information, backed up by Raid 6 and Raid 10 systems.  DSS architecture is deployed with HP and Cisco hardware.

Advantages of using SAFEDATA DSS 

  • Absolute security of data
    • SAFEDATA deploys its equipment at the data center of its own, which meets all the TIER III standard requirements
    • SAFEDATA DSS is built at the basis of HP P6500 EVA software-hardware complex.
    • High degree of information backup guarantees the data protection in case of server malfunctioning:
      • DSS Raid 6 is fit for information back-up and hosting resources and data bases with little load.
      • DSS Raid 10 is necessary for hosting heavy-traffic resources and data bases.  At the high reading and recording speeds it provides the excess of 50%. 
      • DDoS protection of channels. DDoS attacks remain one of the greatest risks for Your business. SAFEDATA has taken care of that, by installing the "Perimetr" solution by MFI Soft that surely protects the customers.  

"Perimetr" solutions is capable of discovering attacks and traffic anomalies during the work, detecting wide spectrum of events at the interfaces, routers or virtual objects of the network, and statistically analyzing the traffic trends.

Attacks are suppressed with the help of multi-phase purifying filter, which is customer-specifically configured (in case of using protection upon request – customer is protected by a standard set of settings).

  • Flexible solution
    • SAFEDATA may offer 2 back-up options: RAID 6 and RAID 10
    • Disk space from 1 Tb to Pbyte. Architecture of our solution allows to infinitely upscale the solution without interrupting the service.
    • DSS may be leased to any period of time.
  • Financial liability for the service inaccessibility


Brief description of DSS access protocols:

You are free to use each of the given protocols to access the disk space:

FTPS (File Transfer Protocol + SSL, or FTP/SSL) is a protected file transfer protocol. At that, standard FTP protocol is built over the protocol, which sends the data through an encrypted channel of SSL protocol, allowing the secure data transfer. When this scheme is used, all the information is protected with SSL — both FTP commands, received and sent data.

WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning) is a high-level protected network protocol, which works over HTTP in order to access objects and collections. Protocol may be used to "connect" (visualize) disk space from DSS to VPS or the local PC.

NFS (Network File System) is a protocol of network access to file systems, which was developed by Sun Microsystems in 1984. It is based upon the remote procedures call protocol (ONC RPC, Open Network Computing Remote Procedure Call). It allows mounting remote file systems over the network.