MS Exchange server

MS Exchange Server 2010

SAFEDATA offers your business the most advanced and popular corporate mail solution – Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

Product abilities

  • Microsoft Exchange today is not just the most convenient way of managing business-communication, but also a powerful planning and time-management tool
    • Having the skills of managing calendars, tasks and contacts, You will be able to efficiently organize the work of Your staff and their interaction with the rest of the world. Appointment of collective conferences, delivery notification checks, setting the team and individual objectives – this would be no harder, than just choosing addressees and pressing "Send"
  • Use every single opportunity for team work and mail service regardless of your whereabouts, the device or the browser you use.
    • Windows and Mac support
    • Manage you mail and calendars with IPhone, Blackberry or IPad
    • Outlook Web Access meets the strictest security policies thanks to usage of HTTPS protocol
  • Don't worry about the need to synchronize each time you change the access point to the mail service
    • If you appointed a meeting with you employees through the desktop Microsoft Outlook application, it will soon be displayed on your IPhone
    • After sending a message through Outlook Web Access on your laptop, You will find it in the "Sent" Outlook folder at your home desktop
  • Your business information is safe & secure
    • Using the Microsoft solutions, you can stay calm for confidentiality of your correspondence – the most advanced encryption algorithms are already built-in into system
    • SAFEDATA technologically controls the access of its administrators to the customer data, which totally rules out the possibility of leaks through the dishonest employees

You have to take all the aspects into consideration, while making the decision about using Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 cloud service. You have to keep in mind:

  • Decrease of the ownership costs
  • More efficient use of its own IT staff
  • Flexibility, while deploying the hybrid mail service solutions
  • Integrity of the service operation

Advantages of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 from SAFEDATA

  • Decrease of price and expenditures
    • Ownership costs. Preference for leasing the Microsoft mail solutions at SAFEDATA over deploying the service at customer's own servers requires a calculation of financial efficiency in each case separately. Nevertheless, proceeding the average software price on the market, staff salaries and hardware prices, SAFEDATA may save you up to 1.4 million rubles (reference to the Compare section), if you consider the costs of 30 employees' salaries for three years of leasing. The less employees your company has, the more substantial the economy is. At that, we are ready to offer deals that are worth a detailed consideration even to the companies with over a 1000 employees.
    • Predictable costs. When the critical number of customers is reached, ownership costs curve shows a phased transition, which includes both the one-time expenditures for buying new equipment and the losses due to underload of the new servers. By hosting the service at SAFEDATA, you will be able to pay just for the actually used facilities, increasing or decreasing the volume of rendered service.
    • Lost benefits. Leaders, who make the decisions on business development strategy, have to consider the all-increasing salaries of high-qualified IT-staff and the fact that all the greater amounts of money are spent to educate and keep such specialists further on. Using SAFEDATA specialist would grant your employees a better opportunity to contribute to the company profitability, investing their time into development and maintenance of the company-specific information systems.
  • Integration and modification speed
    • With SAFEDATA deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 may take from 1-3 days in 80% of the cases up to a week at the most complicated situations, when each mail box has to be transferred manually.
  • Flexible service deployment
    • MS Exchange 2010 hosting from SAFEDATA grants you IT-service infinite opportunities for rendering a mail services to the employees. For example, you may manage Exchange service independently for the headquarters staff, while the regional branch offices, which don't have an in-house IT-specialist, may use a mail service using the detached SAFEDATA servers.
  • Service integrity and security
    • SAFEDATA uses the most advanced spam and virus protection filters – SpamAssassin and ClamV.  If you prefer some other filters – contact the sales department, we are open for the dialogue
    • SAFEDATA security system includes a 24/7 security and video surveillance over the perimeter, multi-factor object access system, tracking devices and tools for monitoring of staff actions
    • Uninterrupted operability of Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 from SAFEDATA is provided through backing the main server up. In case if the first server fails, automatic recovery of the mail service will take splits of a second. At that, the guarantee of service accessibility makes up 99.9%.