Virtual Servers

SAFEDATA offers You and Your business cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) based upon HP and Cisco hardware.

What is  VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

  • VPS ( Virtual Private Server) or VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server) – is a service, which provides customer a virtual private server with guaranteed performance parameters, pre-installed OS, a standard software set and a detached Internet channel. Administrative access rights for virtual machine are granted, so that administrator can adapt VPS for any demands of a company.

Advantages of SAFEDATA VPS

  • Costs reduction
    • No capital costs: You don’t have to spend money for purchasing Your own server — instead you rent the ready-made infrastructure from SAFEDATA
    • You don't have to pay for the hardware deployment: even with the best server You won’t be able to achieve steady operation, if you put it in your office or a cheap server room. All SAFEDATA equipment is deployed at data-centers that meet all the TIER III standard requirements.
    • Efficient use of server resources: VPS server deployment optimization allows You to assure better hardware results, and, therefore, to reduce ownership costs
  • Possibility to add unlimited disk space
    • Expand local hard disk space of the virtual machine through leasing of our file storage resources
  • Efficient use of resources
    • If the business grows and demands more server maintenance resources, You can just enter the control panel and change the amount of resources, allotted to VPS. In less than a minute the specifications will be changed.
    • If Your business has low and high seasons and the website traffic may drop 10 times depending on the season, You may reduce VPS resources in accordance with Your needs and pay less.
  • Compliance with the data retention policies
    • We offer the double backup configuration of Your server in order to keep Your information safe: in case of VPS or physical VPS-hosting server failure, You won’t even notice the break of service;
    • Full system backup: during the predefined period of time complete "mould" of system is created, which includes all the programs and current VPS settings. In case of interruption VRS service will be restored in 2-3 minutes.
  • Guaranteed server accessibility
    • SAFEDATA enters an agreement with the customer, which includes Service Level Agreement (SLA). According to its terms, the company assumes financial liability for accessibility and quality of the rendered service
    • Hardware deployment: all equipment is deployed at SAFEDATA data center that meet all the TIER III standard requirements.
      • Access control: no unauthorized person is able to enter the data center territory, and every movement of a worker or a customer will be recorded by video-recorder
      • Backup power supply system: data centers are powered by 2 independent power rays and by backup diesel generators
      • Automatic gas firefighting system (AGFS)
      • Modern air conditioning and ventilation system
      • Geo-backing: we have two buildings located 200 meters away from each other, which provides even greater safety.
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  • DDoS protection
    • DDoS attacks remain one of the greatest risks for Your business. SAFEDATA has taken care of that, by installing the "Perimetr" solution by MFI Soft that surely protects the customers.